Six years ago Frankie & Dandelion was born on the floor of my lounge-room. I had an idea, a passion to create something that could connect with all women. Regardless of their size, age or life stage.

I threw myself into markets and created an online store. My creativity poured into the business, as did the will for it to be a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere for my (few) customers at the time. The tagline “bohemian fashion for the everyday gypsy” was my signature. It reflected both my style and the feel I wanted our visitors to have. At home I could spend the day turning ideas into reality from behind my computer and sewing machine. At markets I could connect, meet and greet the women who were inspiring me every day.

Fast forward two years and in 2016 I opened the doors to our first bricks and mortar shopfront. This was a huge step for me on so many levels. Personally I was returning to the store where my career began. This time turning it into my own space. It felt like returning home. Professionally this is when the physical and online stores both merged and separated from each other with a clearer divide. It’s hard to explain, but running the two alongside each other is one of the most rewarding yet challenging aspects as my attention is constantly switching between the two and trying to do each one justice.

Still it was my desire to carry that relaxed and easy-going atmosphere into the physical shop space. I wanted it to become a place where Mothers were comfortable to take their children. Where the kids could happily play and the Mum’s could enjoy a few moments to themselves. I wanted it to be a store where anyone could walk in and feel comfortable to look without any pressure.

Now in 2020, our beginning back in 2014 feels so long ago yet also like it was just yesterday. I’ve grown. I’ve learnt. I’ve expanded. I’ve condensed.

There has always been multiple sides to Frankie & Dandelion. The online and the physical. The bohemian and the classic. The clothing and the lingerie. The size range. The age range. Our collection of brands is forever growing. And with that, we no longer cater to only one niche. Instead we broaden our services to more women than ever before.

When the opportunity came to work with Maria Ppiros the first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted our new image to reflect that diversity within our core. The fact that our differences are not only celebrated but welcomed.

6 years in business is a milestone I’m proud of. I’ve worked hard to be here through many various challenges over the years. This new branding reflects Frankie & Dandelion’s essence and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Tess x